Our Values:

During 2017 our church community discerned together that what we value about Ashfield Baptist Church is that we are: Outwardly engaged; Actively inclusive; Creative & quirky; Caring; Spiritually alive; and Welcoming & hospitable

Our focus areas for 2018 are:

  • Being Welcoming & Hospitable
  • Growing Spiritually
  • Strengthening Cultural Diversity
  • Empowering Participation

Our Vision Statement:

To be a body of Christ-like believers living out the Great Commandment and The Great Commission in The Holy Spirit’s Power.

Our Mission Statement:

We exist for Worship, Evangelism, Ministry, Discipleship & Fellowship

Our Beliefs

We are in general agreement with the Statement of Beliefs of The Baptist Union of NSW and ACT and we are members of, and support, this organisation.

We believe in the Priesthood of All Believers and the equipping of each member of our congregation to use their gifts in service.

We value biblical preaching, but we believe that there has to be room for people to think and believe differently to the majority and yet be welcome in our midst.

We support women in ministry and the inclusion of all ages in our ministry and our worship.

Our Strengths

We are a church of wide-ranging ages and ethnic backgrounds. We value and appreciate diversity of experience, worship style and perspectives. We have a commitment to mission both globally and locally. We have sent out many cross-cultural workers whom we continue to support. Our local ministries include Child Care services, Aged Care facilities, Op Shop and Cafe.

We are blessed with faithful servants of the Lord – gifted musicians, dedicated worship and service leaders and organisers, experienced lay people, a significant number of longterm attendees, and a committed prayerful congregation. We are welcoming, caring, supportive and hospitable (we are especially good at food!).