I mentioned my friend who, suffering from a brain tumor, is unable to read or write, and whose memory is fading, yet he can still preach. If my battery was

It was after 10pm when the phone rang. I had taken a pastorate on the outskirts of Sydney, and was starting to settle into this new vocation. The caller had

  I am watching my friend die. For the moment he has the ability to converse deliberately and sensitively. His brain, though, has shut down the functions which would allow

As I watch the expressions of protest across the globe, it seems that they are driven not only by a sense of injustice and inequality, but also a sense of

Probably being the other side of three score years and ten has something to do with it, but I notice that anxiety levels (mine) can fluctuate. Which is to say

Most missionary candidates would know the name, Jim Elliot.  Probably some responded to the call to mission because of him. One of his well known quotes is: “He is no fool