For Staff and Volunteers – Adopted by Pastoral Leadership Team on 12th May 2020

The Church is committed to creating safe spaces where people can be confident that they will be cared for, nurtured and encouraged as they grow and at the same time, protected from spiritual, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
As part of this commitment, staff and volunteers are required to sign and abide by this Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct sets out the following:
● the ministry commitments of staff and volunteers
● minimum behavioural standards and appropriate boundaries required of staff and volunteers;
● the obligation of staff and volunteers to comply with Safe Church Policy and Procedures; and
● the steps to be taken in the event of a potential breach of this Code.

The Code of Conduct seeks to reflect the biblical call to godliness and faithfulness in ministry (eg/ 1 Timothy 3) but it is not intended as a replacement for the Bible as a fundamental guide for faith and practice.

The Code of Conduct applies to all staff and volunteers aged 16 and over. The Code of Conduct should be read in conjunction with the Safe Church Policy and:
● Procedure for Staff and Volunteers
● Procedure for Responding to Child Protection Concerns
● Procedure for Handling Complaints against Staff and Volunteers
● Procedure for Conflict Resolution

  1. Staff and Volunteers are encouraged to:

    Nurture their own relationship with God
    ● join regularly in the life and ministry of the Church;
    ● study and reflect on the Scriptures in private and in groups;
    ● pray regularly in private and in fellowship with and for the people and ministry of the Church; and
    ● give of your time and finances to the work of the Church, as an expression of our gratitude to God.

    Nurture healthy relationships:
    ● treat others with respect;
    ● love and care for your family (including paying attention to the effect of ministry on them);
    ● be a team player;
    ● be accountable
    ● cooperate with other staff and volunteers
    ● treat every program participant fairly and equitably
    ● acknowledge when I am out of my depth, or do not possess the required skill set in difficult pastoral situations (such as helping a victim of abuse, or a person who needs professional counselling), and seek help from the Safe Church Team or a Pastor;
  1. Staff and Volunteers commit to:

    As a staff member/volunteer of the Church, I promise to:

    a) uphold, support and abide by the Safe Church Policy;
    b) respond to reasonable directions from the person with responsibility for the ministry I am involved in;
    c) communicate with integrity, including wise and accountable use of electronic communication, including in accordance with Guidelines for Activities with Children and Young People d) not knowingly make false, misleading, or deceptive statements;
    e) not engage in bullying, harassment, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, of any person including my own family;
    f) not act violently or intentionally provoke violence;
    g) upholding confidentiality; not disclosing any confidential information without the consent of the person providing the information (the exception being where there is a legal obligation);
    h) report concerns about misconduct and/or abuse according to the Church’s Safe Church Policy and relevant procedures;
    i) disclose all relevant information as part of completing the Screening Check Questionnaire if I have not already done so;
    j) disclose to the Church Leadership if I am investigated for any criminal offences or have any knowledge of serious unlawful activity within the church context.
    k) express my sexuality in healthy and God directed ways;
    ● ensuring that romantic interactions are meaningfully consensual,
    ● giving consideration to any power imbalances in intimate relationships.
    l) act with financial integrity, including:
    ● having accountable and transparent systems in place for financial matters.
    ● not seeking personal advantage or financial gain from our position (other than in wages, recognised allowances and deductions).
    m) not take or use property belonging to others without express consent, including intellectual property (copyright);
    n) not use any prohibited substance and be responsible in my use of substances that may be addictive (eg. prescriptions, alcohol);
    o) avoid ongoing counselling of people with whom I have pastoral relationships; and
    p) make alternative arrangements for pastoral ministry for any person with whom I may develop a romantic or intimate relationship.

    I understand that if there is a complaint against me relating to a breach of this Code of Conduct:

    a) and it is a plausible complaint relating to Child Sexual Abuse or Sexual Misconduct involving a child, the Church may ask me to step aside from my duties while the complaint is being considered; and/or
    b) if the complaint relates to serious misconduct and/or abuse (including Child Sexual Abuse) it will be reported to relevant government authorities in accordance with relevant legal requirements; and/or
    c) I agree to participate in any process initiated under the Procedure for Resolving Conflict, Procedure for Handling Complaints against Staff and Volunteers and/or Procedure for Responding to Child Protection Concerns and agree to be bound by the outcomes of any such process, which may include termination of my employment/engagement as a staff member or volunteer with the Church.

  2. If I am a Pastoral staff member, I:
    a) agree to uphold and be bound by the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT Code of Ethics and Conduct;
    b) understand that a breach of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT Code of Ethics and Conduct will be considered a breach of this Code of Conduct;
    c) (if I am an Accredited or Recognised Minister) agree to participate in, and be bound by the outcomes of, any process initiated under the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT Procedures for Handling Allegations.