Ashfield Baptist Church, as part of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT, is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare and safety of all people, particularly within our own community.   To ensure the safety of children and vulnerable people in our community, Ashfield Baptist Church will –

  • Carefully recruit and train its pastoral leadership team and church volunteers,
  • Adopt and encourage safe church practices by its leaders and church volunteers,
  • Respond promptly to each concern raised about the behaviour of its leadership and church volunteers,
  • Offer support to any person who has suffered abuse.


If you are staff member and/or volunteer at ABC, you will:

  1. Read our Safe Church Policies and Complete a Screening Questionnaire 
    – Safe Church Policy is available below.  All of our procedures and forms are under the Safe Churches tab.
    – Screening Questionnaire for those over 18 click here.
    – Screening Questionnaire for those under 18 click here.
  2. Provide Two Referees
    – Referees requested in screening questionnaire.  Write down the names of two other ministry leaders in our church or your previous pastor if you have attended for less than 3 years.
  3. Be Interviewed by a Ministry Leader
    – All volunteers will need to be interviewed by a ministry leader and a member of the leadership team.
  4. Complete Creating Safe Spaces Training*
    – You will be advised if the role you are applying for requires CSS training.
    – Click here to access the CSS website.
    – Both online and face to face components need to be completed.
    – ABC will periodically host a CSS workshop onsite. Check regular communications for more details.
  5. Complete a Working With Children Check*
    – You will be advised if the role you are applying for requires a WWCC.
    – Click here to access the WWCC website.
    – See website for details.
  6. Read and Sign a Code of Conduct
    – Click here to access the Code of Conduct.
    – Print, sign, photograph or scan and email to
  7. Watch a Short Induction Video
    – Watch the short Induction Video and fill in the short Volunteer Induction Response Form to indicate you have watched and understood the content.

*If required.

Translations of the policies and forms are available in Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese from Creating Safe Spaces Resources


If you have any Safe Church queries or concerns, the team can be contacted via email –