Guy’s eclectic careers include teacher, MP, PR consultant and CEO of Anglican Schools, Spiritual Director and Pastor. A ‘dark night of the soul’ and consequent mystical experience with Christ on the cross in 1991, transformed his faith and life. Seeking a framework to understand those experiences, he studied part time at Morling College, with no plan to become a pastor. His search also led him to Ignatian Spirituality through silent retreats and a spiritual director at the Jesuit Retreat House at Pymble. There in 1999 he undertook Spiritual Exercises – a silent but dynamic 30 day retreat, imaginatively contemplating the life of Jesus, primarily through the gospels. Then in 2000 he trained as a spiritual director at the Jesuit Center in Pennsylvania and has continued his vocation as a spiritual director on the team at Pymble since. Subsequently he met and married Sandra before being called as pastor at St Ives in 2005. They have 16 year old twins, John and Carys. Following retirement in 2016, the family moved to UK where he ministered for a year with West of England Baptist Association.

Apart from normal pastoral activities of preaching and visiting, Guy is happy to help folk at ABC develop their spirituality through contemplative prayer. Guy will usually be at Ashfield on Wednesdays and Fridays mid-morning to mid-afternoon, and Sundays (including afternoons after the service).